Man starts yelling at the edge of a river. But what comes swimming over—it’s pretty cool

This is a magical video about an Indian farmer and a fish he rescued.

Prakash Patil, 54, from rural Maharashtra, saved a catfish from certain death. The fish had washed up from a canal, and appeared to be lifeless. Instead of eating it, Patil took it home, revived it, and cared for it. Then, when it had grown too big for the tank, he released it back into the wild.

He named the fish Narayana, a name for a popular Hindu deity. He goes to the water every day and calls to the fish, and the fish swims over to him.

Watch the video to see what happens next. It makes you realize that there is often more to life than just what we see on the surface.

Video Credit: Facebook | Newsflare.

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