Egg Dumplings Hot Pot

300g Ground pork
4 eggs
20g minced ginger
15g minced green onion
3g Salt to taste
3g Sugar
½ tbsp Cooking wine
½ tbsp Soy sauce
White pepper to taste
Cooking oil
Chinese cabbage, shredded
6 large shrimps
20g Vermicelli

1.Prepare filling: In a large mixing bowl, Mix ground meat, cooking wine, sugar, salt, soy sauce, white pepper, ginger, green onion and set aside.
2. In another mixing bowl, beat eggs, pinch of salt and ½ tsp cooking oil.
3. Making egg dumpling: Using a cooking ladle or a small non-stick skillet, at medium heat, wipe ladle with a piece of meat fat. Spoon about 1 Tbsp of egg mixture. Spread to form a circle. When the bottom is cooked but the top is till wet, spoon about 1 tsp filling in middle of the egg and then fold the egg over and gently press edges so it seals. Repeat this till all egg mixture is done.
4. Making meatball: with remaining ground pork mixture, shape mixture into about 1.5 inch size meatball and deep fry in cooking oil till golden.
5. Sir fry shredded Chinese cabbage. Add cooking wine and stir. Add chicken broth, shrimps simmer uncovered for a few minutes, then add meatball, vermicelli, salt and pepper to taste.
6. Pour soup into a hot pot, top with egg dumplings.
7. Serve.