Diver films himself on ocean floor—then suddenly, a 10-foot lemon shark smashes into his face

An awkward yet scary moment was captured on video when a lemon shark almost bumped the goggles off diver Michael Dornellas while he was filming himself amongst the marine life.

Michael was snorkeling off Tiger Beach in the Bahamas when he decided to pull out his underwater camera and film the wonderful marine life. While he was savoring the moment in the beautiful deep blue sea, he almost forgot to survey his surroundings.

Then suddenly, a 3-meter-long (approx. 10-foot) lemon shark accidentally banged, nose first, into Michael’s mask, knocking his face sideways. It seems like the shark simply miscalculated its speed!

The lemon shark slipped away immediately, leaving his mask broken.

“She wasn’t trying to bite me or be aggressive. After the collision, she took off—I think I scared her really badly, so I felt bad,” Michael told MailOnline.

“Once I felt the impact I swam to the surface to fix my mask and gather myself a little bit.”

Although Michael had been rammed by sharks previously, it’s the first time he was headbutted by one.

“She got me pretty good,” he said. Later, Michael found out that the shark was actually blind in its left eye.

“So she didn’t see me as much as I didn’t see her,” he said.

Despite the dramatic incident, Michael fixed his mask and resumed diving. “It’s what I love to do,” he said.

Hopefully, Michael will be more observant of his surroundings next time he goes for a dive! What would you do if you came face to face with a shark?

Video credit: YouTube | STORYTRENDER.

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