Dead kangaroo found by couple on side of the road—when its pouch moves, they act quickly

This clip, filmed in New South Wales, Australia, shows the bittersweet moment when rescuers make the lucky retrieval of a live joey from its dead mama’s pouch.

On arrival, the crew find that the kangaroo is female, and she’s pregnant. A closer examination reveals movement in her pouch—it’s a newborn joey!

The mother roo lies motionless on her side while rescuers gently remove the tiny pinkie.

They gently pull the newborn joey out and tend to it. It is a massive relief to discover it is unharmed.

The joey was quickly transported to experienced carers, where it will receive all the help it needs in a safe environment.

Video Credit: Newsflare.

Baby kangaroo rescued from dead mother’s pouch 😢😢