Bystanders help motorist trapped in burning car. When woman prays, ‘Jesus Name’—it’s a miracle!

Palm Bay police receive assistance from a group of bystanders to save a man’s life when he finds himself stuck in an urgent and life-threatening scenario in a burning car. But when the man resists the help, it further complicates the matter.

It’s not clear how the vehicle ended up laying on its side in a stand of trees down a steep embankment, but it was clear that the flames billowing from the hood meant the situation was urgent, with deadly potential.

Two police officers who arrived at the scene were already fighting to free the man, who, alarmingly, was resisting being pulled from the car. Meanwhile, bystanders atop the embankment record the drama, heightened by a woman offering prayers of, “Jesus Name! You will not die!” with the utmost righteousness throughout.

In the end, one officer had no choice but to tase the motorist. And they were soon able to pull him out the back window with the help of bystanders—as the fire department hadn’t arrived yet—as flames licked the front of the car.

At which point, more bystanders who were watching the scene unfold formed a human chain to pull the rescuers and motorist back up the embankment—to safety.

Thankfully, the man survived the ordeal and he can thank the decisive action by the Palm Bay Police Department as well as several everyday heroes who leaped into action to help a complete stranger!

Source: ©Video Screenshot | Jukin