Boy stands beside car door. But when his mom gets inside—he starts running

Is old-fashioned manners a thing of the past? Judging by this video, it’s not.

These parents are teaching their son about manners, and it’s great to see.

In this video, this 4-year-old boy from Miami, Florida, is seen standing and holding the car door open for his mother. He makes sure she is safely in the car before he closes the door.

Just when you think he’s going to get into the car, he runs to the other side to open the door for his older sister who stands patiently waiting for him.

Is that all the boy does? There’s one more person the young boy wants to help into the car, and it’s adorable to see. What good manners he has.

Watch the video here:

Video Credit: JukinVideo.

Little boy with a great, beautiful heart! Such a wonderful story about kindness and courage ❤️