80-ft-tall yacht approaches 65-ft-tall bridge. Then, the crew is forced to get creative—fast

In this thrilling video, a tall yacht gracefully bows under a low bridge and makes its way through. We wonder how the navigator of this boat did it!

The footage shows an 80-foot-tall boat sailing in the Intracoastal Waterway, slowly approaching a 65-foot-tall bridge that’s way too low.

What should the navigator of the yacht do to safely cruise the boat under the low bridge?

Instead of turning the yacht around, the navigator cleverly solves this critical problem by strapping two water-filled bags to the mast.

In this way, the heavy bags pull the yacht diagonally to its side, decreasing its height.

So, rather than sailing straight, the ship tilts slightly so as to make its way through the low bridge.

What an ingenious way to solve the problem. Hats off to the navigator!

Watch the moment the yacht successfully maneuvers itself under the bridge in the clip.

Video credit: Facebook | JukinVideo.

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