15 cute ‘babiest moments’ ever—their hilarious innocence will send you into fits of laughter

If you’re in need of something to brighten up your day, this compilation of funny babies will do the trick.

In one scene, this dad is seen fixated on the television while trying to feed his toddler at the same time.

Unfortunately, he gets too engrossed with what’s on television, and totally forgets to feed his daughter.

What does the poor little one do? Try with all her might to get to the spoon!

This dad, however, is more focused when it comes to feeding his baby.

However, the cheeky baby gets too bored and decides to have a little fun. With no toy at hand, she probably thinks her sock is a viable alternative.

In a flash, she sends her sock flying over the couch, causing her mom to laugh behind the camera.

Glasses are a necessity for people with shortsightedness or farsightedness. But this baby seems to think otherwise.

“What is this weird thing doing on your face, Dad? Take it off!”

The decisive baby decides to remove Dad’s glasses.

Maybe the baby thinks wearing glasses changes how one looks?

Be sure to watch the video for more sweet baby moments!

Video Credit: Facebook | NTD Funniest.

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