This looks like a real apple. But when it’s cut open & you see the inside—it’s mind-blowing

Looking for an interesting apple dessert recipe? Here’s a video on how to prepare the Golden Apple Shaped Dessert, a delicious and deceptively real-looking apple dessert.

The video was produced by Bruno Albouze, an executive producer for the the Real Deal Cooking Channel. Albouze always strives to provide his viewers with complex but delicious treats that they can replicate and enjoy.

In this video, we see a dessert that appears like an ordinary apple, but looks can be deceiving. According to Albouze, the apple-like dessert was glazed a couple of times. The first layer was created through a 50-50 combination of chocolate and cocoa butter, which gives it a thin and somewhat crusty shell. As for the second glaze, it was prepared to give the apple an almost realistic glossy finish,

On the inside, the apple is filled with delicious apple jelly inserts. So not only do these apples taste like apples, they also have a distinct sweetness to them. Here’s how you can replicate their work.


Preparing the Golden Apple Shaped Dessert requires a lot of ingredients. You will need:

– A 300 g Granny Smith Apple
– 300 g Apple Juice
– 3 Tbsp of Limoncello
– 1/2 Apple Pectin
– 30 G of Crystallized Ginger
– Gelatin Sheet
– White Chocolate
– 180 G of Whole Milk
– Heavy Cream
– Chocolate Coating Glaze
– 250 G of Cocoa Butter
– Water
– Sugar
– Corn Syrup
– Condensed Milk
– Vanilla Powder or Paste
– Ground Turmeric
– Dark Chocolate

One final word of caution before you begin. Albouze uses an apple mold to create his apples. So you should look for one before you get started.


First, you will need to peel and dice the granny smith apple. When it’s ready mix the diced pieces of apple with the limoncello, 2 tbsp of sugar, the apple pectin and the crystallized ginger then heat them in a pot. When it’s finished, remove the heat then combine it with 2 g. of gelatin sheet. Chill the resulting concoction until they become paste-like.

Take the resulting apple-paste filling and put it in a blender along with 60 g of diced apples. Blend them slightly then with the help of a spatula, mix in some more diced apples. Be careful not to add to many diced bits of apples though.

When you’re done, put the apple paste into ice ball trays then freeze them. Once they’ve frozen, try to fuse each half to form several balls of frozen apple paste together.

Next, take 350 g of white chocolate, 180 g of white chocolate, the whole milk and 1/2 tsp of vanilla powder and heat them together in a pot. Turn off the heat then add 6 g of gelatin sheets then mix the concoction with the help of a metal whisker. Combine them with 1.5 cups of heavy milk then whisk it together.

When you’re done, take an apple mold then fill them with your creamy mixture. Insert a frozen apple ball into each mold, and be sure to insert them deep then cover them up with the remaining milk and chocolate cream. Put them in the fridge and wait for them to harden.

The next part is to prepare the glaze. To do this, take 250 g of cocoa butter and 250 g of white chocolate, and heat them in a pot. Combine this with 100 g of water, 200 g of sugar and 200 g of corn syrup. That’s your glaze.

Next, take some of the glaze then add 14 g of gelatin sheets, 130 g of condensed milk, 2 g of vanilla powder (or paste) and 220 g of white chocolate. Keep stirring the pot while you’re heating the ingredients, then add 2 tsp turmeric powder and some dark chocolate. Wait for the ingredients to turn into a dark paste. Roll this paste into the shape of small sticks, like the ones you see on real apples.

Now, take the “apples” and dip them into the glaze. Insert a dark chocolate stick into each of them then serve to eager family and friends.

Credit: Bruno Albouze

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