They start off with a simple hot dog, but what they end up with—your kids will love it

Hotdogs. They’re tasty, and we either eat them as they are or with a bun and some condiments. This is how most people enjoy hotdogs, but did you know that there are other ways to eat this particular meat product?

In one video, we get to the see several cute ways to make hotdogs a little more interesting. These variations don’t just offer new and interesting ways to eat hotdogs, they also make the hotdogs tastier by combining them with other ingredients. So if you’re a big hotdog fan then here are a few things that may interest you.

Examples of Hotdog Variations

There are many ways to prepare hotdogs. Some variations, such as the Heart Dog and the Sunny Dog, involve giving hotdogs a particular shape. Other variations, such as the Squid Dog, turns the hot dog into an edible figurine.

Additionally, there are also variations where the hotdog is used as an ingredient to create a new type of food. Spaghetti with hotdog bits is a good example, but better example would be the Hotdog Mattress, which combines hotdogs with Puff Pastries and Colby Jack Cheese to create a pizza-like food that people can enjoy.

These hotdog variations can be found in the video, but there are plenty of other variations out there, and if you’re a fan of hotdogs then you may want to give them a look.

How to Prepare A Heart Dog And A Sunny Dog

What’s the point in knowing about different hotdog variations if you can’t prepare some of your own. Here we will teach you how to prepare your very own Heart Dog and Sunny Dog, and don’t worry. You won’t need to get any special tools or ingredients. So let’s get started.

First, we’ll do the Heart Dog. The first thing you’ll need to do is to slice the hot dog lengthwise while leaving one end intact.

When you have made the cut, flip the hotdog inside out and connect the sliced ends of the hotdog to form a heart-like shape. Secure both ends with a toothpick.

Cook your newly made heart dog in a pan then transfer it into plate when you’re done. Next, fry an egg and when it’s ready plop it at the center of your heart dog. Voila! Your very own Heart Dog

Okay, now let’s discuss the Sunny Dog. As you might guess, this involves giving the hotdog a sun-like shape or appearance. To do this, the first thing that you will need to do is to cut the hotdog lengthwise.

With one strip, make several cuts along the side, making your way down the length of the strip. Repeat the process with the other strip. Loop both strips into a circle with the incision sides facing outwards, as though in the shape of the sun. Once they are in place, secure them with a toothpick.

Fry the hotdog in pan then put it on a plate when it’s ready. When you’re finished, fry an egg and plop it at the center of the hotdog. Voila! Your hotdog now looks like delicious sunflower. For added flavor, you can also add condiments and veggies to make your Sunny Dog more interesting.

There are plenty of other hot dog variations, but unfortunately, we don’t have the time to discuss all of them. They are, however, easy to prepare, and you can easily make them without any extra tools or ingredients.

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