Coconut water, milk and oil can all be taken from the one coconut—you have to see how they do it

In many parts of the world, coconuts are used to create a wide variety of products. There is, for example, coconut water, which can be used as an ingredient for all sorts of beverages. Another good example is coconut milk, which is another popular beverage, and of course there is coconut oil, which has all kinds of applications.

But have you ever wondered how companies and manufacturers create these products? The coconuts need to be cleaned, cut open, extracted, processed, stored then transported. This entire process understandably takes a lot of time and work, especially for regular people.

However, due to growing demand for coconut and coconut based products, new devices have been introduced that reduce the amount of time and labor required to produce coconut products. In one popular video, we see how these machines work, how they process several coconuts at a time, and what the final products look like.

How Do They Work?

Coconut processing machines and devices were designed to copy the work that people used to do by hand.

Machines designed to produce coconut oil or coconut water, for example, simply drill a hole into the coconuts, extract their fluids and then release those fluids into plastic bottles. Additional ingredients may be added later on but this is generally how the whole process works.

These tasks used to be done by hand, so these machines are not that different from the people who used to extract coconut oils and coconut water by hand. What does make them different is that these machines can produce more bottles of coconut oil and water in shorter amounts of time, and therefore, they are more profitable.

Aside from coconut oil and coconut water, there are also machines designed to process coconut meat and coconut shells. Unlike those types of equipment which simply extract the fluids out of the coconuts, these machines also sort, clean and grind the solid parts of the coconut for processing. Depending on what the final product is, these processed components are then sorted to different containers for further processing.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that coconut processing still involves a substantial amount of human labor. Although most of the processing is carried out by machines, gathering the coconuts from the trees, transporting them to a facility, cleaning them and then sorting them by type are still carried out by human workers. So although many coconut products are now produced by complex machines, they are not without human input either.

Different Machines for Different Types of Coconuts

Different machines are required to process different types of coconuts. Certain varieties of coconut, for example, produce better oils, which is why they are sorted into a particular group before being processed.

Also, coconuts vary in size, and larger ones then to have more meat and shells. These, too, are sorted into their own group, so that they can be processed separately. As you may expect, this further complicates the entire process and makes automation all the more valuable to improve the way coconuts are processed.

Credit: TeCho

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