Man exchanges notes with 93-yr-old at burger joint. When they pass last note—it gets emotional

You never know when you’ll be blessed with a warm encounter that’ll enrich your day, and someone else’s too. A guy in Rocky Point, North Carolina, had a craving for a bacon cheeseburger one day, and found just the place. Little did he expect that this would be one memorable experience, an experience that has since won the hearts of thousands of people online.

Farris Leonard stopped by Lanes Ferry Dock & Grill for lunch on July 30, 2017. The place was packed, but he still managed to find a table. As he awaited his order, he saw an elderly gentleman who motioned to the empty seat next to him, seemingly asking if he could sit down beside him. “Sure,” Leonard responded.

As the man was filling out the order sheet, a staff member told Leonard that the gentleman “communicated by passing notes,” as he was deaf and couldn’t speak well.

Now that the two were sharing a table, they were about to share a meal, and an interesting exchange of experiences—via note writing.

“As we sat and passed notes, we filled up both sides of his paper,” wrote Leonard on his Facebook page. “I only wondered the things he had seen. Well he met JFK, in the ’40s he went to Arizona and it was 120 degrees.”

Their note-writing exchange also covered topics like how their meals were, plus the weather. And though it may seem insignificant to some, Leonard says he felt the significance of it.

“As I sat there I wondered if and hoped that I was making a better day for this 93 year young gentleman. But then it hit me and it gave cause to write my final note to him.”

“Sir I want to thank you for letting me sharing lunch with [you]. I must go now but I want you to know that you made my day a better day. Take care of yourself,” read his last note.

Leonard had written that from his heart, with wholesome consideration for the elderly gent. Without a doubt, it must’ve had a profound effect on both of them.

“You should of seen his eyes and smile as he read it. He embraced his heart and gave me a handshake that was real. We hugged and took a picture.”

After Leonard’s story was posted online, Joanie Parnell, an interpreter for the deaf, identified the elderly man as Eddie Mintz. “I have known him many years,” she wrote. “He is truly a blessing. I am glad you shared in his day and allowed so many to see a glimpse of Mr. Eddie’s life.”

“This story is not about what I did but about what we all can do,” added Leonard of his experience. “With a little time, a lot of compassion and not being about ‘me’ and ‘I’ so much, we could help make and be in a better place.”

That’s so true, it really is. It’s also as what one Facebook user wrote in response to Leonard’s post, “All it takes is one simple gesture to make someone’s day!”

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