Indiana boy always wanted a father. One day, mom finds the family’s ‘missing piece’

Being a single parent is difficult, especially when your child looks longingly at other children who have a complete family. But fortunately for one single mom, she finally found the one that has made their family whole.

Natalie Crabtree, of Muncie, Indiana, has always wanted a positive and stable father figure for her 7-year-old son, Rylan, who did not have a father for nearly his whole life.

“It is something he has always longed for,” Crabtree told Love What Matters. “I would watch him watch other children with their daddies, and it just broke my heart.

“Over those five years, I had been through a few relationships that just didn’t work out. No matter how cautious I was with keeping my guard up and making sure those people loved my son just as much as I did, we still couldn’t find the one for us.”

Everything changed when Crabtree met up with an old high school friend, Joe, who has two young children of his own. Crabtree soon found out that he was the “missing piece” from their family.

“I instantly fell in love with him and his babies,” Crabtree said. “From day one, we did not go one day without seeing each other.”

“He has shown us what it is like to have a family,” she said. “He loves us with so much intensity that it feels unreal at times.”

Joe was more than willing to be the male role model for Rylan when Crabtree told him her wish.

“He helps Rylan with his homework, he makes every school event when I can’t, and they go on bike rides together. He taught Rylan how to golf this past summer, and now it’s their thing,” she happily said.

“To know that he wants quality time with Joe just melts my heart,” she said. “That is what he has always wanted. It is what WE have always wanted. We are so lucky to have Joe.”

The couple got married on Feb. 17, and decided to write or say their vows to their stepchildren.

And what Joe prepared to say to Rylan was a moment that Crabtree will “never forget.”

“I promise to always be there for you when you need someone. Whether it be a coach, a dad, a friend. Anything you need, you can always come to me, and I’ll be your shoulder. I love you, bub,” Joe told Rylan.

“Although those words may have been short and sweet, they meant the world to me and I know they meant the world to Rylan. He burst into tears hearing Joe’s promises to him, and the whole room did as well,” Crabtree said.

Watch the heartwarming moment in the video below:

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