4 cute and easy ways to do your nails!

Tired of spending hours at a nail salon? We have 4 cute and easy manicure hacks at a fraction of the price

We all love to have pretty nails, not only it enhances our overall appearance but also makes us feel great! Here is a easy tutorial which demonstrates how to create beautiful nail art in 4 quick ways!

If you think you can only get beautiful nail art from a salon then you’re wrong! If you have a ball point pin and a toothpick lying somewhere at home then you can create this cute nail art, we’ll show you how easy its is.

First, paint your base coat color of choice. Then, using a ball point pin, dab 3 points on the side of your nails. Try to make it aligned. Before it dries out, grab your handy toothpick and slide it down through the middle of the 3 points. Now you’ve achieved this look! And that only took 52 words to let you know.

Didn’t dig that first look? Here’s another idea for you. You can never go wrong with gradient nail art. You can be creative with your color choices, we suggest one white nail polish alongside 2 other colors.

Other than 3 nail polish, all you need is a makeup sponge. Paint your sponge with each nail polish color in an orderly fashion. Then all that’s left to do is dab that sponge onto your nails. You will naturally get a gradient look due to the nature of the makeup sponge.

There are 2 more manicure ideas we have for you so make sure you check out the full video above!

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